Meet the Authors

Katie and Carrie Weyler, Co-authors - Charlie Tractor


Sisters and best friends, Katie and Carrie Weyler, grew up in Ohio.  Katie is the oldest of five children, while Carrie is the youngest.  They have 3 brothers in between them, which made for a fun and adventurous upbringing.  Growing up, their family lived on a small hobby farm in the country that they shared with a horse, a goat, several dogs, cats, and a couple of pigs that they showed in 4-H.  They enjoyed playing outside, hiking, gardening, and exploring nature, but also loved reading bedtime stories which inspired the Charlie Tractor Books.   



Now with families of our own, we have set out to retell the stories that we experienced and imaged as children growing up in the country.  These stories, based on actual events, share the adventures of our childhood make-believe friend named Charlie Tractor.  Charlie Tractor was like a member of our family growing up, and we want our children and all children to enjoy reading about Charlie's adventures.  Our families love playing outside and exploring the great outdoors, and we hope to share that enjoyment with others through our picture books.  We also love the quiet time spent together reading bedtime stories with our children, so we designed our books to be short, happy, family-oriented stories that are perfect for bedtime.  We encourage all families to spend 10 minutes a day with their little ones reading bedtime stories.   


  • To bring happiness, fun and adventure to all children and their loved ones through our books.
  • To encourage everyone to explore nature and the great outdoors.
  • To inspire young readers to keep reading through our book series, and to teach our readers a fun fact or two.